Bounce, bartended our holiday party which turned into a total drunken disaster. Though he's a straight guy, he loves the attention from both men and women who admire his rock hard chest and abs. Too bad he didn't get naked at the party. But he did for our cameras. We're the ones that got the tip -and an enormous cum geyser that just wouldn't stop! I guess all the attention got him hot and bothered.

Check Out Bounce In Action!

Colin is a kinky straight guy from Brooklyn - he does firebreathing and freak show acts for money. Colin's tattooed, pierced, and horned and lucky for us he's got a dick "that will do some damage". Surprisingly he's interesting, too. He opens up about his shackles on the ceiling of his room and the sling that he still hasn't set up, but is itching to use. Sign us up to help him test it out!

Check Out Colin In Action!
Scott Girth, a hottie from Ft. Lauderdale - loves spring break - and can't wait to get back to the beach. He just came to us to earn some plane ticket money the old fashioned way - by jerking off for our camera. He says his girlfriend screams when he sticks it in, but she loves it. And we love it too, nine inches of pole, with a bucket o' cum at the end.

Check Out Scott In Action!

Mikey's first time doing porn on video! We got him ass up and face down. A real natural 'camera ho' (His words not ours!). He jacks off and shows off his tattoos, his long dick and low hangers, not to mention a great ass and tasty butt-hole. You know this gay boy likes it any which way he can get it!

Check Out Mikey In Action!

Straight guy Jay is a contractor and a Brooklyn Boy through and through. One thing he told us during his shoot is that his FLESHjack felt better than any girl - because he didn't have to wear a condom. Watch his video and check out the giant cum geyser that he shoots - so good it deserved an instant replay!

Check Out Jay In Action!

Something about this young latino is suspect - His name! Suspect is an 18 year old hottie who's appeared in porn before, so he's totally down with showing off his stuff, including a fat latino cock with a big mushroom head and a sweet body, not to mention a pair of juevos the size of apples! - wait till you see the lake of cum that gushes out of them!

Check Out Suspect In Action!
Pink haired Ian almost looks like an art fag, but he's a lean and wiry straight boy with a thick long cock and a big set of balls. This first-timer shows us his tattoos, and then strokes his large punk-meat till he shoots a lake of jizz all over himself. Then we make him sit still so we can get plenty of close up pictures before he can towel off.

Check Out Ian In Action!

Parker is a smart alecky and funny Brooklyn straight guy who's totally confident showing off for our cameras - and he's got a lot to show off - a great body, a hard ass and a great big nine inch dick, who's totally cool jerkin' off and shooting a great big load all over our floor.

Check Out Parker In Action!
Alex is a freshman in design school in new york city. First time all alone in the big city, just coming out and first time shooting porn. But here's a secret: he's a virgin, too. He's so excited to strip for our cameras and show off in his briefs! Boy does he have a lot to show off: once it gets hard he strokes his best friend till he cums a volcano of jizz all over the room!

Check Out Alex In Action!

Brandon, new to NYC, admits he's done some porn before, but it's been a while - so he's a little nervous. But it doesn't take long for him to get his true 9x6" uncut man-beef super stiff and hard. He even flirts around with our camera man as he jacks and shoots a monster load!

Check Out Brandon In Action!
Elmo is a shy and sexy guy. But you know still waters run deep. And so will his fat cock. He starts off by watching some porn, but this very young dude has trouble keeping it in his pants, and our photographer can barely keep his hands to himself as Elmo strips down and jacks his uncut black beef till he blasts a ginourmous load. Stay tuned to hear this shy guy's secret sex wish revealed to Don Rodd!

Check Out Elmo In Action!

Latin stud JC has really filled out. Especially his package. Don's groping hands explore JC's manly new body and his great big fucking chorizo through his shorts and then strips down to his tightey whiteys and slips his uncut dick outta the leg. It's really big and he's ready to pump a load of babybatter all over the floor.

Check Out JC In Action!
Jesse James looks the outlaw in every way, he's even got the boots to prove it. This homo punk is one of your favorites. We're sure it has something to do with his spicy meatpile, big balls and his willingness to take a beating that gets your attention. If not I'm sure you'll love to watch him grind his sack till he blows a goo-bomb all over his long foreskin and hairy body.

Check Out Jesse In Action!

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